Land Sellers

Backed by the financial resources of TRI Pointe Group, our family of premium regional homebuilders are always on the look-out for land in “A-List” locations. That means proximity to employment, transportation corridors and amenities such as retail, recreation and schools.

We purchase all kinds of land, from raw unentitled land to finished lots - in an even greater array of purchase structures, from private land sales to government auctions and option takedowns in planned communities. If you own land that you think might interest us, please contact our local land acquisition team and let’s chat. We can work together to help your property reach its highest potential.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Across the TRI Pointe family of regional homebuilders, we greatly value our relationships with real estate brokers and agents. We appreciate your professional expertise in the home shopping and home purchase experience and welcome the opportunity to work with you and your clients. We provide a high level of client and agent communication and consistently superior homes and communities, making your job that much easier. To learn more about working with us, please contact your local TRI Pointe Group home builder. To begin a rewarding relationship, be sure to register your client during your client’s first visit to the neighborhood sales office. We look forward to working with you.

Trade Partners

We work hard to create mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships with the best trade contractors, product manufacturers and service providers in the industry. We place a great deal of importance on scheduling, job readiness, safety, pay cycle and the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

At TRI Pointe Group we also value our relationships with National Account Manufacturers. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of a National Purchasing relationship with us, please contact

To work with one of our regional homebuilding companies, please contact the local purchasing team at the respective homebuilder. 

Municipalities / Government Agencies

Across the family of TRI Pointe Group homebuilders, we have countless examples of successful relationships with local municipalities, government agencies and community stakeholders which help build better living environments - whether it’s revitalization areas, providing housing supplies to underserved areas, or collaborating on needed improvements to roads, parks, community amenities or preservation areas alongside a new neighborhood development.

Our regional homebuilders have a dedicated team of solution-oriented Project Managers who work with municipalities and government agencies through the planning and development phase together with our onsite construction leaders once site work is underway. We make every effort to ensure full compliance during every step of the planning, development and building process.

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